Tim Sandler – Intern

Age: 20

Hometown: London

Genre of choice: Hip Hop

3 Favourite Artists: Kanye, Kendrick, J Dilla

Album For Life: Impossible To Decide

Favourite up-and-coming artist: Sango

I bought my first album (Graduation – Kanye West) at just 10 years old and I listened to it on repeat every night when going to sleep. Quickly, I wanted more and branched out to RHCP and other artists.

Without trying to seem cliché, music is truly one of those things that transcends nations and society, like a universal language. Like a best friend that never leaves, it helps us at our lowest lows and elevates our highs. There’s nothing that quite speaks to a mood, feeling or vibe like music; it speaks for itself.

As you can tell I’ve always been passionate about music and hence in an ideal world would like to pursue it as a career, whether that be through DJing, producing or expressing my thoughts. Frequency 21 definitely caters to the last part perfectly.