Rahoul Naik – Founding Editor-in-Chief

Name: Rahoul Naik

Age: 21

Hometown: Leicester

Genre of choice: Electro-Soul, Hip-Hop and R&B

3 Favourite Artists: Lauryn Hill, Hare Squead and JMSN

Album For Life: Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Favourite up-and-coming artist: Tobi Sunmola

I’ve been in and around music since the day I was born. My dad is always eager to tell people the story of him driving me home from the hospital on the day I was born whilst playing some classic Miles Davis. Throughout my childhood, I was exposed to a huge range of stuff from R&B to Soul to 70’s Disco to Jazz, Classical and Experimental stuff. It gave me a huge appreciation for the art and once I started to play violin and drums and sing in choir, I could see it all forming in front of my eyes.

Music to me means three key things: Freedom, Expression and Love. We all try and live our life freely and full of love whilst we seek to express ourselves and for me, I think music is such an important way for us to do this. We can communicate through music, communicate such important messages about politics, life, communities and more. Music becomes perhaps one of the most important two-way conversations we have with artists.

I started Frequency 21 to give young people and students a platform to speak about the music they love and be the spark that is needed to create discussion and debate around one of the most important pillars of youth culture. From the library to the bus to your favourite nightclub, we are always surrounded by music and Frequency 21 is here to help break all of it down and give young people and students the best bits.

If you would like to know more about me or Frequency 21 then drop me an email at Rahoul@f21mag.com or click the ‘Contact Us’ button above