Jerelyn Adjei-Frimpong – Intern

Jerelyn Adjei-Frimpong

Age: 19

Hometown: London via Accra, Ghana

Genre of choice: Alternative rock & Alt RnB.

3 Favourite Artists: Imagine Dragons, Big Sean and Softengine

Album for Life: We Created The World by Softengine

Favourite up-and-coming artist: My favourite up-and-coming artist this year has to be Dua Lipa as I’ve been following her online music presence for quite some time now since Last Dance was released and I think she has so much more to offer to the pop and radio industry.

I got into music by listening to the radio when my mom would drop me off at primary school and by flicking through the music challenges on my TV. This eventually led to me owning my own iPod Nano where I then had the opportunity to listen to music anytime, anywhere.

Music means a lot to me as I feel like the world would be so empty without it since it literally is the soundtrack to many people’s lives. Music has the ability to convey a particular feeling or emotion within a second of hearing it and that is something that is unique to itself. When things go wrong or things are a little too stressful, just listening to a certain album, song or artist fills a void which I feel is something that music lovers, like myself, really appreciate.

I would like to write for Frequency 21 as I’ve always thought I have a knack for critically listening to music and thought it would be a really valuable experience to have. Furthermore I really like listening to new music and new artists and this is now my chance to further explore my own personal interest in music.