Jack Cribb – Editor

Name: Jack Andrew Cribb

Age: 22

Hometown: Chorley

Genre of choice: Experimental

3 Favourite Artists: Kendrick Lamar, Bjork, Clipping

Album For Life: Somewhere At The Bottom Of A River Between Vega And Altair – La Dispute

Favourite up-and-coming artist: Tkay Maidza

I initially got into music through my love of film soundtracks, and then growing up around musical friends who opened my eyes to different genres.

Music is the thing we create that can literally soundtrack reality, lifting you up or bringing you down. It is incredibly powerful. It means a lot to me because it can alter the way we experience things.

Not only do I want good music brought to me, I want to bring good music to people. Frequency 21 surrounds me with people passionate about beautiful music.