Helena McFadzean – Junior Writer

Age: 20

Hometown: Vienna, Austria

Genre of choice: Indie, but I’m all over the place (Techno, Hip Hop, Psych-Rock etc.)

3 Favourite Artists: Fleet Foxes, Cherry Glazerr, Marika Hackman

Album For Life: Blonde by Frank Ocean

Favourite up-and-coming artist: Princess Nokia

My dad initiated me into obscure music when he got me a walk-man for my eighth birthday and let me borrow his Roxy Music and Kate Bush CDs. Later on, the internet happened and I became obsessed with finding new releases on NME, BIRP!, Pitchfork etc. and downloading people’s mixtapes to discover new music.

Growing up, music was a massive part of my identity because my free time was mainly made up of discovering new songs and artists. That feeling that you get when you can share the joy you feel for an artist with someone else is the most amazing thing when you identify so much with their work and way of thinking.

I’m keen on getting more involved with journalism, and music journalism in particular. Frequency 21 is a fairly new project, which is exciting to me as I feel I can really contribute something meaningful to a growing endeavour and watch as the project grows.