Gus Rangel – Intern

Name: Gus Rangel

Age: 19

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Genre of choice: EDM

3 Favourite Artists: Porter Robinson, Skrillex, My Chemical Romance

Album For Life: My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade

Favourite up-and-coming artist: Hikeii

I started falling in love with music when I was around 10 years old and got my first guitar. Learning my favorite songs on it and writing my own became very addicting.

For me, music is a form of escapism and a dream. My current profession is music production and I’ve been dedicating my life to it for the past 5. The thing I want the most in this world is to make music that a lot of people will enjoy and hopefully make them feel something.

I always wanted to try writing articles about music I enjoy. I thought this’d be a good opportunity because F21 is a cool platform with a lot of like-minded people.