Finlay Mead – Intern

Age: 20

Hometown: Brighton

Genre of choice: Postpunk / Electronic / Experimental

3 Favourite Artists: HMLTD, Four Tet, Sd Laika

Album For Life: Beautiful Rewind – Four Tet

Favourite up-and-coming artist: HMLTD

After going to Reading Festival in 2014 I suddenly realised I quite liked live music, and from there have just been exploring ever since, both online, in my home and university towns, and going to festivals around Europe.

Of all forms of art I think music is by far the best at inspiring a single emotion in you, one really distilled and really intense. So to me that’s what music is, a way of getting lost in whatever feeling the artist wants to inspire in you. I also think of all forms of art it’s the best at reflecting the sentiments of the masses, of big groups of people, and that’s why it brings them together so well.

I love music, and I love writing. I used to write music reviews for my school magazine when I was 18, and I really miss it. I’d love to work in music or Arts (more broadly speaking) journalism one day, so Frequency 21 seems like a great place to get my opinions and writing out there.