Erin King – Intern

Age: 19

Hometown: St. Albans

Genre of choice: Indie Rock/Metal

3 Favourite Artists: Hozier, Slipknot,

Album For Life: Hozier – Hozier

Favourite up-and-coming artist: Wyvern Lingo

My dad is a huge fan of death and black metal so I have always grown up listening to a wide variety of music. As I got older I started looking for even more genres to explore.

Music can change how your feeling just through a few notes and I think that it’s incredible that something can make you feel sad, happy, or even motivated so easily. It’s also a form of expression that is deeper in many ways than just saying what you mean.

I have been considering looking into journalism for a while as I am currently studying English and American studies. As a lover of music and writing, the opportunity to work with Frequency 21 was practically ideal for me and everyone I’ve spoken to is so easy to work with and friendly that it makes writing a pleasure.