Edward Burrell – Senior Writer

Name: Edward Burrell

Age: 20

Hometown: South London

Genre of choice: UK Rap, Grime and UK Drill Rap.

3 Favourite Artists: Merky Ace, D Double E, Ghetts

Album For Life: Ghetts – Freedom of Speech

Favourite up-and-coming artist: Uncle Mez/Grim Sickers

I got into music around 2008, Grime was a genre that felt authentic, people weren’t trying to be something they weren’t and the music had so much grit which drew me to it. JME was the first grime MC I had ever heard and he just got me hooked.

Music is supposed to tell a story about who an artist is. It is how an artist can tell you about himself and his life without ever meeting you. If fans feel like they truly know their favourite artists like they do their friends without knowing, that’s the sign of a great artists.

I noticed that Frequency 21 were not covering loads of Grime and I felt that I could put my knowledge they didn’t put out much content for the genres that I have knowledge. I felt it was gap that I could fill. Also journalism is something I want to do as a future career so I felt this magazine is a good start.