Brianna Delgado – Intern

Age: 21

Hometown: Atlanta, GA, USA

Genre of choice: R&B

3 Favourite Artists: Currently: Jorja Smith, KIRBY, Bomba Estéreo

Album For Life: Mala – Devendra Banhart

Favourite up-and-coming artist: Kali Uchis

I feel like music has always been around in my life; being Latin, music is a big part of family. I only noticed the music I listened to when I was in my teens and going through a rough time, had to look up every artist to every album, through that time I developed different tastes.

Music gets you through anything in life, it’s so important. A lot of people say that but it’s true, songs are memories and when you connect with an artist their music can take you in and out of dark times. It’s something powerful and I appreciate that in music.

I have always wanted to be a writer. It’s my form of expression and I love what F21 does so I want to take the opportunity to write about something I hold a passion in.