Fit your Jeans without actually putting it on.
This will save you a lot of time if you are buying jeans because you do not need to fit it by putting it on. Simply try to see if the waistline will fit around your neck and if it does for sure it will fit your waist as well.

Deodorant stain remover.
Just use a lemon juice. Try squeezing a lemon juice after soaking your clothes to warm water and leave it for 5 minutes.

Oil stains remover.
Having a hard time removing oil stains from your cloth? Just use a talcum powder and apply it to the area with oil stains and let it overnight. Another proven technique to remove oil stains from cloth is the dishwashing liquid. Simply apply a dishwashing liquid in the stained area and leave it for 30 minutes.

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Leather jacket polish.
Aside from a shoe polish, you may also use a moisturizer to polish your leather jacket.

Lipstick Stain.
Use a hairspray to remove it easily.

Removing odor from your jeans.
Try putting it in the freezer, the cold temperature will kill the smelly bacteria without the danger of fading the denim.

Hide regular bra straps behind a racerback dress.
If you are using a regular bra while wearing a racer back dress, try to hide the parallel straps of your bra behind the racer back dress by using a paper clip. Just hook the straps of your bra together with a single paper clip.

Magical scarf.
Try many ways to wear your scarf, you may want to wear it as a dress by simply wrapping it around your body and tie both ends behind your neck. Another way of wearing your scarf is by wrapping it around your waist and make it look like a draped skirt.

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