A Star-Studded New Mixtape Has Been Teased By Charli XCX

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

Charli XCX has taken to Twitter to tease what seems to be a huge star-studded mixtape, featuring a list of names including Tove Lo, Brooke Candy, Mykki Blanco, and MØ, amongst many others.

“That would be pretty cool right..??” She asked fans in the tweet. This comes as the latest news of a release from the artist after her recent Number 1 Angel mixtape that was released in March, and was, according to XCX, ‘essentially an album’.

Charli’s last full album was 2014’s Sucker, which was followed up the the Vroom Vroom EP last year.

Speaking about the previous mixtape, Number 1 Angel, XCX stated “It’s just songs that me and AG Cook made in two weeks in LA when I was, like, feeling really depressed,”. The musician continued “It’s 10 whole new songs basically. It’s [being called] a mixtape so it can go out for free, but it’s essentially an album, a whole new album.” Can we expect something similar? Only time will tell.






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