Zoey Lily Flexes Her Musical Muscles On New Single ‘Nothing’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Ultra-indie, Ultra-cool singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and poet, Zoey Lily has entered the ever increasing music foray with her new single, Nothing.

Lily’s first and only release of 2017, a stunning left-field pop single of haunting melodies, ambient piano, sparse electronic beats, hushed vocals and introspective lyrics exposing what happens to the mind when abandoned to its own devices.

Speaking about the song’s formation, Zoey shared this: “I wrote “Nothing” based on one of my poems. Usually, I don’t think about a specific feeling or experience when writing, it comes together in a very intuitive way. I like to play around with melodies and phrases until it makes sense. This time I had the lyrics before anything else, so it was songwriting in reverse. I started by taking the poem’s opening lines – “Don’t look back, there’s nothing to reverse / Crawling in circles, the times we were cursed” – and formed the first melody around that.”

The Hackney-based artist first delved into creative expression at age 13 when she began playing piano and her first wide-eyed forays into songwriting. Later, at age 17, Zoey found herself drawn to her father’s acoustic Martin guitar, the instrument which she still writes most of her songs with today.

In the past year, Zoey Lily has set out to become a highly independent and original songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, co-producer and dancer, as we will see in future music videos and live shows. Taking cues from a wide-range of essential artists, including Lana del Rey, Eminem, Frank Ocean and Ben Howard. Furthermore, this promising, ever-evolving artist has not gone unnoticed, with early supporters including HumanHuman, The Line Of Best Fit, The 405 and now she has Frequency 21’s stamp of approval too.

We tip Lily is to great things over the coming year with her brilliant musical sensibilities and left-field vibe really pushing her into a more ambient and ‘smart’ area of pop music.

Listen to Nothing below:


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