Bryson Tiller Accidentally Leaks New Track ‘Birmingham’ While On Tour

Written by Jason Greenfield

It seems that Bryson Tiller fans are going to be eating soon. Over the past week Tiller has created some hype for his new mixtape: dropping a tweet about how he would be on “mixtape mode” and leaking a mysterious track on his Soundcloud page for about an hour or so before removing it. Whether this leak was intentional or not, is not known at this point, though we can imagine that someone in his team made a mistake.


The leaked track Birmingham features a more rap-heavy Tiller than we are used to: spitting faster-paced, cocky bars over YBN Nahmir’s Rubbin’ Off The Paint instrumental. He brags about how his first tape went double platinum, and teases us with a line at the end of the song:

“I got a lot to say, I should drop a mixtape”
Fuck it, that shit is on the way. Let’s go!

Whilst I personally prefer his TRAPSOUL-era songs in terms of production and quality, Bryson spitting bars isn’t anything new to us: Exchange, Rambo, Sorry not Sorry and Self-Made are all solid examples of what he can do when rapping. I’m excited to see what approach he takes with this new mixtape and cannot wait for some new tracks to bump.

For those of you who didn’t catch Birmingham on Soundcloud before Tiller took the track down, make sure to check out the track below:

Credit: EscapeTracks


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