Tame Impala Unleash 3 Unheard B-Sides From 2015’s ‘Currents’

Written by Erin King

Many Tame Impala fans will be thinking that Christmas has come early this year with the release of 3 new unheard B-sides, as well as 2 new remixes, as an expansion on the band’s hugely popular 2015 album Currents, which was also named ‘NME’s Album Of The Year’ following its release in 2015.

The new B-Sides List Of People (To Try And Forget About), Powerlines and Taxi’s Here were all in production for Currents but didn’t make the cut for various reasons. Kevin Parker told Beats 1 host Zane Lowe that List Of People (To Try And Forget About) was originally written in the bridge between Lonerism (which they released back in 2012) and Currents, but as they had started recording it so early, he was ‘so over it by the time I was finishing the album’ and so it was cut.

Currents’ B-Sides & Remixes features remixes of Reality In Motion by Gum and Let It Happen by Soulwax. The new songs are included in the deluxe ‘Collector’s Edition’ box set of Currents that was released on the 17th November.

The Limited edition collection is pressed on red marbled vinyl with a 7” and flexidisc featuring the 3 B-sides and a 12” featuring the 2 remixes which will have record collectors drooling. The set also comes with a poster as well as a collection of images and notes that provide some brand new insight for fans into the making of Currents.

However, the box set has already sold out on the band’s main site due to the massive popularity of the original album and the inclusion of new releases.

BUT, don’t panic Tame Impala fans as you can still listen to the new songs here:


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