Filthy Gears Releases Some Filthy Beats On New Album

Written by Edward Burrell

Filthy Gears, a veteran grime producer who has made beats for the likes of Wiley, So Large, P Money and many other MCs, and his latest album is going off.

The album, Filthy Gears, is a compilation of 18 instrumentals and tracks with MC vocals, and it is a masterpiece. It shows that he is capable producer, even when placed by veteran MCs such as Wiley and Discarda.

Xtra, the final track on the album, was originally the beat used for the trademark track from Ruff Sqwad, and it’s been given a facelift as well as an all-star line for its revival on this album. What’s most impressive is the structure of the verses from the MCs, as a back-to-back 16 bar riddim structure. With veteran MCs as well as up-and-comers, there is no weak link or weak verse on this track, and the order they are put in insures they bounce of each other perfectly. They all bring fire to this track, but Filthy Gears has essentially upgraded Xtra by adding a few new sounds and a deeper bassline, whilst still retaining the string melody that makes the riddim instantly recognisable. In my personal opinion, the best duo on this track is King Irah and Discarda, who have been known to bounce of each other well on sets in the past. The combination of having the cockney accent of Discarda alongside the harsh voice and Jamaican flows with King Irah is just too much to handle.

Filthy gears is also a magician when it comes to refixes, and if his refixes sound like war dubs, I don’t want to know what his war dubs sound like because Step Up is simply filthy. The first track of the album, Step Up  is a refix of Jammz’ The World, which has Jammz himself on the vocals alongside C Cane, Capo Lee, and Wiley supplying the hook. The drop will definitely get a couple reloads when it starts circulating radio shows and grime raves, as he’s added a much darker and aggressive sound to the melody, and the note changes to existing samples that Jammz made.

Tizzy Gang, in my opinion, is the best instrumental track on the album, simply because it gives so much for an MC to play with. You could have a slower drill rapper that would spit in time with the horns samples, or a grime MC that would spit off beat or with a skippy flow. Seeing as this track as named Tizzy Gang, and has that perfect combination, I would not be surprised if it was originally made for Merky Ace, who is the founder of Tizzy gang. Filthy Gears’ trademark sound is supplying a dark aura and deep baselines on 140 BPMs and I can’t think of an instrumental track (Without MC vocals) that does this better on this album. This instrumental is flawless.

Filthy Gears is a producer who seems to like a challenge. It has been said very often that you cannot chill out when listening to grime, it simply is flaw the genre has simply because of the samples used on a grime beat and the BPM it has to be on. Gears has now crushed that argument with Grime ‘N’ Chill and Grand Opening. They are both instrumentals that students could effectively revise to whilst listening, but still appreciate how good both of them are. The piano melodies both instrumentals contain are so relaxing, but they still have the deeper basslines that Gears is known for.

With this album, Filthy Gears better be a producer for you to keep an eye out for if he wasn’t already.

You can check out one of the all-star singles, See Us Mc, below.

Credit: GRM Daily


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