Iceland’s GKR Releases Colourful And Upbeat ‘UPP’

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

GKR, one of Iceland’s most exciting upcoming rappers, has just released a new track, entitled UPP, and it’s one of his best yet.

UPP, released vie Mad Decent, is as hypnotic as is it sunny, having, despite its Icelandic lyrics which may be hard to understand for a non-speaker, an incredibly infectious hook. It’s a song about celebrating, and the impressively upbeat atmosphere it has the ability to invoke does nothing to impede this subject matter. On the track, GKR stated “It’s about going up and not worrying about the negatives trying to drag you down.”

GKR blew up in late 2015, following the release of Morgunmatur, which cemented his place in Iceland’s flourishing hip-hop scene.

The description of UPP’s video on YouTube states “Although GKR spits entirely in his native tongue on the playful track, the turn up is universal”, and we couldn’t agree more.

You can listen to UPP below, and you should, because it bumps.



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