Skepta Drops An Eerie ‘Vicious’ EP

Written by Ken Chee Foong

Tottenham born grime artist Skepta dropped a 6 track EP on Halloween, a little more than a year since his commercial release of Konnichiwa which received world recognition compared to other grime artists in the UK, and is also one of my favourite albums of 2016. However, I’m very indifferent to this EP release.

The EP starts off really well with Still with an amazing instrumental and a sweet nice bass line. Skepta’s also doing what he normally does, rapping with precision and beautiful flow. To those who don’t normally listen to grime, when compared to the average hip-hop listeners some of the words can be a little corny.

Sit Down is possibly the best song of the EP featuring the one and only Lil B The BasedGod. Lil B absolutely murders the hook on this track and in his verse. He and Skepta have great chemistry as they both sounded amazing together. I pray for more collaborations between the two.

The next song is No Security which is a song that was previously released and so it’s a bit disappointing that an already heard track has landed on this EP. Worst featuring Section Boyz sounds weirdly similar to No Security which I hope was intentional because it felt like I was just listening to one long song. Otherwise, it was an odd coincidence.

After No Security, the EP honestly lost my interest quick such as with Hypocrisy and the A$AP feature song Ghost Ride. Hypocrisy has some corny lyrics where Skepta talks about having 15 phones but still not being “phoney” and an instrumental that I really did not enjoy. Nowadays, an A$AP feature doesn’t excite me due to the Cozy Tapes Vol. 2 being a little too cozy. Ghost Ride didn’t change my view on A$AP Mob, as the song was hard to listen to. Rocky’s verse which is normally the only bright spot on an A$AP song didn’t really shine through here. Furthermore, it featured one of the most annoying hooks to listen to this year.

Stream Vicious below because who knows, my opinion could differ from yours:

Credit: Skepta


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