‘Now He Wears White’ But Eloïse Is Rocking Black

When it comes to reviewing new singer/songwriters there’s generally two big groups they fall into: the hyper-produced, very pretentious kind of newcomer and the modest and brilliant writer who happens to know how to write good melodies. Thank God Eloïse falls under the latter category.

Now He Wears White is the perfect pop-culture satire, filled with crisp synths and a BANKS-like  beat, but what really stands out is Eloïse’s voice. At only 18 she sings with a power and depth that are slightly reminiscing of London Grammar’s Hannah Reid and Florence + The Machine, which also implies that Eloise does not rely on that ultra-polished auto-tuned (don’t make me name names) finish that I find so annoying in today’s music. While the verses have a lower Lorde-like delivery, the chorus displays a great use of her head voice and a beautiful and full timbre.

The lyrics are probably my favourite part of the song, they are pungent and merciless: “I don’t think you’re more than your cigarettes/ I don’t think you’re more than the rest”. If you listen closely you can hear the burn to the music industry in the distance. The Lorde comparison comes to mind again with the poignancy of the message, however I bet Eloïse does not believe in Lorde’s minimalism, as her synths and the production are magniloquent and explosive. The only thing I’m not really a fan of is the last part of the song where the rhythm changes, but that is just my personal taste.

Aside from that, NHWW is a valid dark-pop track that manages to impress with a lot of potential.

Listen to Now He Wears White below!


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