Madison Beer Is Bold On Second Single ‘Say It To My Face’

Written by Paasha Ahmed

Madison Beer releases the second single from her upcoming debut EP, scheduled to be released next year.

Moving from tween pop to a more defined edgier sound, Madison’s music is also beginning to reflect this maturity. The first single off her debut album, Dead, is sexy, smart, and cool. “I wanted something with a lot of attitude that would empower anyone going through a tough time” the young singer says.

As her career continues to take off, Madison has gained more and more dedicated fans. “I feel so lucky to have such amazing people supporting me,” she says earnestly, and she genuinely supports them back. “I get to feel like my fans are my friends, I love them all and never want to let them down”.

Say It To My Face is a classically edgy pop song “about power and confidence”. The singer claimed “Don’t ever let anyone steal your power. Stand up for yourself and demand to be treated with respect”.

Her vocals set off the song in her usual striking tone and her strength is conveyed throughout unwaveringly. The influence from her idols Rihanna, Amy Winehouse and SIA can clearly be felt through the upbeat energy in this tune.

Her song follows the catchy single Dead with the same kind of subliminal messages. The music video for Dead featured Presley Gerber, Cindy Crawford’s son, and reached 1 million views on YouTube in 24 hours.

Madison remains a fierce advocate and ally for the LGBTQ community and wants to continue to work to combat bullying of all kinds. “I take this all very seriously, I work hard at being a positive role model. kindness is key!”

An upcoming tour is planned, but the dates are yet to be announced.

You can catch Say It To My Face down below:

Credit: MadisonBeerMusicVEVO


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