Miguel Gears Up For Sophomore LP ‘War & Leisure’ With ‘Told You So’

Written by Tim Sandler

Neo-R&B singer Miguel has returned, with his new funk driven single Told You So, as he gears up for his sophomore album War & Leisure, to be released December 1st. It is the second single since his trap tinged single, Skywalker, featuring rapper Travis Scott which came out earlier this summer.

The upbeat, poppy and mildly psychedelic Told You So isn’t a world apart from the sound heard on his popular 2015 debut, Wildheart, however this time round he seems to have taken a focus to the upbeat, groovy sound seen on tracks like waves.  

Indeed, the euphoric energy of the song matches the sentiment of the lyrics as Miguel calls to “I don’t wanna control you, I came to set you free, if you come with me” as if to say his music will set the listener free.

If the last two tracks are anything to go by, his next album should be a worthy follow up to Wildheart and considering the pop appeal, most likely wildly popular, with Jeff Bhasker, producer for artists like Harry Styles and Mark Ronson at the helm.

Keep your eyes out for the new music and in the meantime, listen to Told You So below:

Credit: MiguelVEVO


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