Long Awaited ‘In Tongues’ EP Was Not What We Expected

Written by Ken Chee Foong

Multi-talented George Miller known as Joji under his music alias has dropped his first commercial release with In Tongues EP. Joji has mentioned before that he cares for the instrumentals that are heard and is dedicated to want every layer of his track to matter in his music, which he does really well.

The sixteen minute, six song EP does have a calming flow which shouldn’t surprise anyone. However, interesting isn’t a word I would use to describe the EP. Throughout the EP, the songs lack any significant structure leaving no impression on the listener. Ultimately, it boils down to a series of beats that consists of soft drums and some pretty standard sample flips. They are partnered up with sad lyrics and really dry vocals by Joji.

On the song Bitter Fuck, Joji really struggles to find a sense of purpose with instrumentals that lack much substance. The track is chill but doesn’t stand out which unfortunately means it isn’t attention grabbing.

Window is one of the better tracks in the EP as the instrumental is captivating with beautiful piano samples and basic but hard-hitting kicks. The last track Worldstar Money (Interlude) is a song I like, but it was released a long time ago which annoyed me since it is only a six song EP and yet it still managed to land on this project. 

In Tongues fails to really make an impression. Sure, it’s a nice EP to put on while you are lounging on the couch. As we progress through the EP, we find ourselves sinking deeper into lo-fi territory which only results in a really bland listen. Ironically, this is what a Joji project truly sounds like. However, I still somewhat enjoyed the project but it would be forgotten pretty soon.

Listen to In Tongues below, you might think otherwise:


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