21 Savage, Offset And Metro Boomin’ Link Up To Drop ‘Without Warning’

Written by Ken Chee Foong

Atlanta continues to drop projects filled with superstars, with the recent Future and Young Thug album Super Slimey a few weeks ago. On Halloween day, the cold blooded 21 Savage, a lone member from the Migos known as Offset, and household name trap producer Metro Boomin has dropped a project seemingly without warning.

Heading into the album I was slightly skeptical because 21 Savage and Offset seem like an odd pairing. Both Savage and Offset aren’t the most lyrical rappers out there, which led me to assume that the album wouldn’t be able to keep my attention. Furthermore, Savage’s style of being inhuman with a lifeless delivery is the complete polar opposite to Offset’s adrenalised, tightly wound triplet flow which has the potential of a major disaster.

Surprisingly, Without Warning is a solid album that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Both rappers have some chemistry and cohesion as they both seem to be giving their all when making this project. They weirdly complement each other as Offset fills in Savage’s occasional effortless execution.

Although the album is far from perfect, there are still some bangers in there. If you know Metro Boomin, it is obvious that the overall sound of the album is going to be eerie but melodic. Metro Boomin once again comes through with beautiful atmospheric instrumentals with Ghostface Killers being the obvious highlight of the tape as Travis Scott is featured in the song. Offset’s lengthy but catchy hook, triplet flows and autotune singing is what every trap fan loves in a song. Travis Scott takes the third verse of the track and does what he does best, with 21 Savage’s verse standing out the most as it sounds a lot more intimate and slightly out of place.

On the song Nightmare, Metro’s trap take on a horror movie soundtrack which could probably sit nicely in Savage Mode, as 21 Savage and Metro have good chemistry when making music. However, the induction of Offset really changes the mood with his energy and also a tighter flow compared to 21’s mumble rapping. Aside from the duets, the solo songs are equally as good. As Offset gets to go off as he usually does in Ric Flair Drip and 21 Savage gets to mutter threats on Run Up the Racks.

The tape doesn’t sway much from each main point of being a halloween special, filled with cold chilly instrumentals. It’s short and cohesive and at 33 minutes it is quite enjoyable without getting bored too quickly. Overall, Without Warning is an enjoyable project but with a lack of substance I doubt anyone will be listening to it in the coming months.

Stream Without Warning below:


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