Kaiit Tells Us Why She Was Born In The Wrong Time On ‘2000 n Somethin’

Written by Alessa Frenkel

Kaiit is a name you’ll want to remember for future reference (you heard it here first). The Melbourne-based artist with roots in Papua New Guinea is equipped with smooth neo-soul vocals that make you feel some kind of way and a clear vision of herself that make you want to applaud her uniqueness. In a world where conformity to trends is ever increasing, Kaiit is a whiff of fresh air.

After having released Natural Woman, Kaiit is back with her second single 2000 n Somethin accompanied by a music video released via Alt Music Group. In it, she doesn’t shy away from being critical of today’s generation: “Look at myself and realise the worlds eyes are all iPhone screens/So caught up in the world around me/Need to stop caring how strangers view me/I was born in the wrong year, the wrong time, this not my destiny”. The video displays a young and a present-day Kaiit mirroring each other’s moves surrounded by people that have been heavily discussed in society over the past years.

The song is a classic Kaiit track, heavily influenced by her appreciation for neo-soul, jazz and idols such as Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, Noname Gypsy and SZA. It’s a smooth tune underlined by vibey keys and harmonies that accentuate her gripping vocals.


Watch the video below (Credit Kaiit)!


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