Kate Thomas Gives Us The Wide Spectrum On Her EP ‘The Lion’s Raw’

Written by Leo Baldi

London based folk musician Kate Thomas finally released her debut EP, The Lion’s Raw. The singer-songwriter put together a stunning 4-tracks of gypsy-folk that displays Latin to Jazz and acoustic influences for a result that will make you want to watch Chocolat again.

The EP opens with Stone Pillow, a sultry and uptempo track about a dangerous relationship. The production and the vocals are both stunning and perfectly fit the niche Kate created for herself. Her agile vocals intensify the lyrics with an intricate yet precise delivery that will enchant you until the end of the song.

Then there is The Kiss, that follows the rhythm of Stone Pillow and adds a latin shade to the palette with a flamenco guitar and the echo of mysterious and old melodies. Kate’s vocals remain crystal clear as her contralto timbre adjusts to the falsetto melismas that will carry you to the next song. Senseless is stunning. It sounds like Older by George Michael and Fiona Apple’s Tidal had a baby. The lyrics are never boring or obvious, the delivery is and jazzy, deep and the instrumental is as pure as can be.

Ginger Beer comes next and with it the end of the EP. Kate comes back to her folk, gypsy influences with this delicate and lovely track. The lyrics are sweet like honey and gently complement the sparkly guitar and bass lines. I particularly enjoyed the chord progression in this track because it’s not obvious or boring. Ginger beer is a relaxing and calm closure to a really interesting and intriguing EP, but my personal favourite has to be Senseless.

Check The Lion’s Raw below!


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