Jimi Somewhere’s Post-EP Single ‘Waking Up’ Gives A Positive Spin On Your Morning Routine

Written by Rahoul Naik

Scandinavia is home to some of Pop’s best up-and-coming artists from the likes of Astrid S and Off Bloom, as well as Popstars like Zara Larsson. The newest of these artists who is flexing their muscles on a global scale is Jimi Somewhere, a 19 year old looking to bring together sensibilities of Pop, Electronic and Alt-R&B for a truly Norwegian experience.

Jimi’s first singles came around a year ago and he has been rapid with his improvement and progression with his debut EP, Memorabilia, coming earlier this year. Made throughout what Jimi describes as ‘really dark and depressing’ Norwegian winters, the tracks on the EP take a darker tone, explaining one boy’s journey through his most formative years.

His newest single, Waking Up, takes a much more light-heartened tone and shows a new level of maturity. Speaking to Pigeons and Planes, Jimi said that “Waking Up is a song about changes. I just got out of high-school and now I’m just kinda looking back at everything and just reflecting on past relationships, and everything that has happened to me these past couple of years.

Sounding very much like a more upbeat Khalid, Waking Up shows what one can do when mixing R&B, Pop and Electronic sensibilities into somewhat of a soft story-telling journey.

Listen to Waking Up below:




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