Aminé Starts New Chapter With Dark Single ‘Squeeze’

Written by Jason Greenfield

Taking a break from his tour, Aminé kicks off his next chapter, with his latest single, Squeeze.

After a strong, yet unnoticed debut album, Good For You, Aminé has a lot of questions to answer with this single, such as, what artistic direction he is planning to take following the release of Good For You earlier this year.

Adopting a different sound, Aminé flows over a darker-sounding and more bass-heavy track, this contrasts with his usual light-hearted, jovial beats that he spits over. Featuring a catchy loop, produced by fellow CLBN member Madison LST, the instrumental draws you in and accentuates the LA-based artist’s braggadocious verse.

Whilst Aminé maintains his characteristic clowning around with some of the lines, he shows that he is not afraid to brag about his achievements, or even make bold claims – the overconfident, egotistic lines fit perfectly with the vibe of the track:

“Worldwide tour, so them girls wide open ”

“Shows packed out, so the bus pack oceans”

With this song he shows that he has made progression as an artist, and is not afraid to experiment with new flows or techniques: most notably, using pitch-shifting to change how his vocals sound.

Whether this song is representative of a new sound, or just an experiment, has yet to be seen – however it has demonstrated that Aminé isn’t afraid to take the necessary steps to develop as an artist.


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