Ty Dola $ign Lacks Depth For Solo Mainstream Success On New Album ‘Beach House 3’

Written by Neel Chudasama

After the release of commercial mixtape Campaign in 2016, Ty Dolla $ign has returned with his second studio album Beach House 3. Ty rose to fame off the back of singles Paranoid and Or Nah which were defining moments for the west coast rapper with both singles skyrocketing up the Billboard Top 50. Amid these releases, there was a buzz of excitement of surrounding the singer/rapper who brought a new sound to the game; think Rick Ross meets R Kelly. However, with the release of much anticipated debut album Free TC in 2015 there was much left to imagination, the album lacked depth with no song from the album breaking into the top half of the top 100.

Beach House 3, his newest effort, has a star-studded list of features from an array of genres demonstrating the versatility the young star has not allowing himself to be constrained into a narrow sound. Reminiscent of Drake’s More Life, this album was made for the fans featuring hard hitting and passionate vocals from Mr Ty$ himself as well as infectious bangers to play on repeat.

The album starts off with a solo ballad from Ty himself showing us why he should ironically be Famous. The song features a smooth guitar melody with unexpecting backing vocal from John Mayer, Ty’s soulful vocals are layered on top to produce a great sound. The young star speaks about the goal of many in the public today who want their names in the headlines and be able to experience the advantages that come with it.

Ty says, “They don’t wanna work all day, they wanna make it overnight” hinting at how the public think it’s easy to make a name for yourself but for Ty, who has experienced the high and lows of fame, he knows how much work goes in to being a successful music artist. Ty followed the same formula which went into creating Horses in the Stable from Free TC to produce this instant classic and he doesn’t seem to disappoint.

Lil Wayne and The-Dream join forces on DJ Mustard Love U Better, both artists complement Ty’s vocals and to no surprise Lil Wayne drops nothing but fire. The instrumental is a DJ Mustard-produced flip of Peabo Bryson’s Feel The Fire which may sound familiar if you’re a fan of The Game as he samples it for his song with Drake, 100.

The-Dream doesn’t have an outright verse on the song but teams up with Ty for the chorus taking turns to show off their vocal range hitting high notes after high notes. As for Lil Wayne, it is the norm for him to bring nothing but incredible lyricism combined with an unstoppable flow and he doesn’t disappoint on this feature. The trio croon over a girl on the song and speak about the things they would do if they had a chance to treat her right.

Ty also enlisted the likes of Skrillex and Damian Marley for a tropical vibe song on So Am I. It is hard not to hear the influence Skrillex has on this record drawing on his experience in dubstep to help produce this song. Damian Marley is featured on the chorus and has his own verse speaking about the pain that comes with relationships and love. It feels like Ty is stopping at nothing to get that number 1 spot and is enlisting the help of anyone to get there. This song lacks a lot of depth and has a commercial element which differs from the stereotypical R&B ballad.

The standout piece from the 20-set track list is Dawsin’s Breek featuring R&B artist Jerimih. From the outset the two are trading punches sharing both the bridge and chorus. As with many songs in R&B Dawsin’s Breek followed the same theme, both Jermih and Ty speak about their luxury lifestyle and the many perks that come with it in the form of women and fast cars. It’s amazing and slightly confusing to see that this song didn’t generate more of buzz considering it features two R&B heavy hitters. However, there seems to be a pattern emerging as many of the songs on the album haven’t made much of an impact.

Ty has followed the same formula as he did for Free TC and although it works producing banger after banger he doesn’t seem to bring anything new to the table to help make himself unique. Nevertheless, the second studio album follows up from Free TC navigating around the trap vibe which was present in his last mixtape Campaign for a slower and more silky sound.

Listen to the album below:


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