Björk Announces New Album ‘Utopia’ Release Date And Surreal Cover Artwork

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

November 24th. Write it in your diaries. Carve it on your foreheads. November 24th is when Björk’s new album, Utopia, will be dropping.

The news dropped on the last day of October through the Icelandic artist’s Facebook and Instagram pages with the following caption:

i am so overwhelmingly humble while announcing my album utopia is coming out end of nov . i can´t wait for you to hear it . this is the cover made by the warm extraordinary talented Jesse Kanda and was assisted by me , James Merry and Hungry . thank you for telepathically getting me !! over the moon and jupiter gratitudes to magical Arca for making the music of this album with me : what a profound and nourishing trip this has been !!! thousandfold appreciation and headbowing . hope you like it , warmth , björk

Arca and Björk seemingly drifted towards each other naturally, each being inspired by the other’s contribution and experimentation within the music world.

In his own words, Arca stated on Utopia’s mood, in a thoroughly scintillating description; “the licking raindrops out of the salty air in the tropics & listening for birds, swimming in green rivers, the fires crackling through snow … the dark grey storm and the luminous rainbow that flooded the air after.”

In the lead up to the announcement, Björk released the single The Gate, containing one of the most surreal music videos of the last few years. You can watch it below.

Credit: Björk


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