Politics and Music Collide Yet Again With Morrissey’s New Release ‘I Wish You Lonely’

Written By Kai Feltham

Opening with pulsating laser-like synths, the early seconds of this new release sound anything but the origins of their legendary Mancunian creator. Any further than its unusual opening salvo though, and I Wish You Lonely is archetypally Morrissey –  from the modestly catchy guitar chord sequences, to the typically doom-mongering title, dreary lyrics and immediately recognisable vocal tone. The second single released so far from his upcoming 11th solo studio record Low in High School, I Wish You Lonely follows the previously revealed Spent The Day in Bed in adding to Morrissey’s extensive catalogue of societal laments.

Never one to shy away from controversial political debate, the former The Smiths frontman highlights “tombs full of fools who gave their lives upon command of monarchy, oligarch, head of state” building upon his long insisted anti-monarchy rhetoric. The very album cover for his upcoming album depicts the son of his bassist Mando Lopez stood defiantly in front of the gates of Buckingham Palace, one hand gripping an axe, the other raising a placard stating “Axe The Monarchy”, all whilst wearing a Morrissey T Shirt. Subtlety certainly isn’t one of Morrissey’s strong points.

Once the darling of legions of politically driven music fans, Morrissey’s long-standing views of republicanism, libertarian ideology and constant campaigning for vegetarianism and anti-animal cruelty legislation have become slightly clouded in the eyes of many by his vociferous support for Brexit. As expected though, criticism does not phase one of Manchester’s most famous sons, still as intent on speaking his mind through his music as ever before.

Regardless of one’s views on his politics though, it is undeniable that musically it is great to have Morrissey back on the scene, particularly following a number of concerns for his health over the past few years. Besides, in an age of autotuned, media-trained and airbrushed pop stars, the bravery to speak one’s mind through their music is still a hugely admirable quality – and something we need more of on all political sides.

Morrissey is set to go on tour in Spring 2018 with tickets going on sale Friday 3rd November, including a huge date at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London.

All details of dates and tickets can be found here:


Watch the video below (Credit MorrisseyOnVevo)


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