Point Point Create A Serious Mood In Their New Release

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

Point Point, for those not in the know, are a trio of producers initially based in Paris, who know call the slick streets of Los Angeles their home, and they have just released a new track, Serious Mood, which does exactly as the name suggests.

The track, released through Insanity Records, is a bright and jazzy mix, incredibly summery in its sound, definitely a track to lighten these dull November days. It has percussive elements that are strongly redolent of the intricate and frenetic TuneYards tracks, using samples that could be described as ‘tropical’. The track then descends into something a bit more space-esque, dubby-vibes extending over lighter synth melodies. It’s a pretty bliss track, definitely the sound of an Indian summer (if we get one).

Point Point is made up of AazarNömak aka ö, and Devoted, who have been making waves with their Filet Mignon series of compilations, which works to showcase upcoming musical talents – pretty nice stuff right? 

The boys are currently touring the US and Canada, and also recently made an appearance at Belgium’s premier electronic festival, Tomorrowland.

You can check out the serious moods of Point Point’s new track below.

Credit: Point Point


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