Eminem Donates Legal Winnings To Hurricane Relief Efforts

Written by Paasha Ahmed

The success of the 2014 election campaign ran by the conservative New Zealand National Party included an advert with the track titled ‘Eminem Esque’ and is uncannily similar in tone and music to the rappers’ infamous track ‘Lose Yourself’.

The advert was run approximately 180 times throughout the campaign before being flagged down. Eminem and his publisher, Eight Mile Style sued the political party with a lawsuit accusing the track as being in direct violation to copyright laws.

New Zealand High Court Judge, Helen Cull, ruled in favour of the rapper’s case resulting in the National Party to pay 600,000 New Zealand dollars ($415,000/£316,1000) plus interest to Eight Mile Style.

The rapper’s spokesman confirmed that he has charitably agreed to donate the sum of money payed in order to aid hurricane relief efforts in North and Central America.

You can find the link to the 2014 Campaign here:

Credit: Political Animal



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