Lancashire’s Newest Rapper Prido Brings New Wave Of Trap-Soul On ‘LSD’

Written by Rahoul Naik

When you think of Lancashire and it’s many towns and cities from Lancaster (our place of birth) all the way to Manchester, you usually think of the bubbly indie scene that is deeply routed into the North-West. However, one of many urban artists who are looking to change this image is Prido (Pree-Doh), a talented young rapper from Preston.

Prido is a British music artist of Zambian origin and got his first public spotlight when he released Skip 2 The Dance, a funky Grime tune that helped launched his sound throughout the North-West from schools to radio stations and even one of the UK’s leading music television channels.

His newest single, LSD, is a hazy Trap-Soul banger with a serious message behind it. Speaking over email, he told us that “in a nut shell, the song talks about modern day addiction to money, sex and drugs. The visuals show 3 girls who are addicted to all 3 vices but can’t financially afford it, left with no options they end up being involved with dealers by running their errands etc in exchange for drugs and money.

The visuals were shot by TJ Willis and feature a neon lit van, a dog, Ali’s Mini Mart and the ever present liquor, some would say this is a quintessential British urban experience.

One of the most exciting things about the new artist is his versatility on the mic and with a bunch of vibes. Yes, LSD has a hazy sound, yet tracks like WKD shows a much more of an Afro-Swing vibe which is so so different to Skip 2 The Dance which was mentioned before. In a increasingly crowded music market, versatility can be an artist’s biggest weapon and we think Prido has it .

Watch the video for LSD below:

Credit: PridoVEVO


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