Brent Faiyaz Challenges R&B’s Best With New Album ‘Sonder Son’

Written by Ken Chee Foong

If you are a fan of Goldlink, Brent’s name will be familiar to you as the two have previously worked together on the summer hit Crew. Sonder Son is an album describing Brent’s take on reality and some blasts to the past to a genuine time. As a whole, the album has some bare but interesting compositions.

Despite the name of the album being called Sonder Son, it is released outside of Sonder the group. Sonder comprises of two producers Atu and Dpat, Brent makes the separation clear with a different sound and perspective. Brent uses this project to give an origin story, which is a breath of fresh air.

The scolding voice of an unimpressed mother is how Brent starts the album off with Home being the name of the track. Home sets a familiar scene to those who have returned home with bad grades on their report card. It’s an interesting opening track as Brent is setting a scene where it dates back to his childhood reminiscing the past.

Following Home comes Gang Over Luv, an intropesrtive song where Brent gives us an insight to his memories from his high school days. It’s a change in direction since most of Brent’s work is normally focused on women and inspired by relationships. The song tells us a tale of Brent cutting classes with a friend. It features a drum pattern that is catchy along with some backing vocals that float in and out of the track giving the track warmth.

First World Problems / Nobody Carez is easily the stand out track of the project. This is an incredibly dynamic track as there are three beat changes in the song. The song employs a Spanish guitar, an upbeat drum patter and some warm muffled bass, as Brent questions about the parameters of an authentic person. The song transitions into sounds of maracas, acoustic guitar, trumpets and some percussions at around the 3 minute mark.

Brent takes us back with Talk 2 U as it does not fit into this decade. The song has instruments that  sonically makes a traditional 90s R&B. The likely idea for a music video of this song would be dancing in the rain and it is easily a contender for best track of the album. L.A. is another beautifully produced song with electrifying saxophone accompanied with a gentle guitar that isn’t what Sonder was known for. However, it works well for Brent as it makes the storytelling more intriguing.

Initially, I expected Sonder Son to sound like a Sonder album. I was proven wrong as Brent chose a totally different path. No major features for J.Cole fans to neg you about and no major label, yet Sonder Son feels like a bold album to announce Brent’s rise in the music world.

Listen to Sonder Son available everywhere:

Credit: Brent Faiyaz


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