Robyn Paige Keeps It Sexy On Visuals For ‘Ocean Deep’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Following on from the successes of her last two singles Righteous and White Space, which have seen British singer and songwriter Robyn Paige garner strong support from the likes of BBC 1Xtra, Red Bull UK,  The 405, among others, the Essex native is proud to announce the release of her long-awaited forthcoming debut EP titled Genesis, which will be released on November 10.

For the final single to be released in the lead up to the EP, Robyn Paige has unveiled the majestic and poignant Ocean Deep, produced by frequent collaborator Sampl, and featuring Josh Kai, the record is highlighted by Robyn’s trademark emotive vocals and lush tone, but more importantly, lyrically, Robyn opens up an honest dialogue around asking for the help we all sometimes need, to pull ourselves out of a place, in love or life, that we desperately need to get out of.

The music video for Ocean Deep sees Robyn Paige collaborating once again with burgeoning cinematographer and music video director Olan Collardy (Jacob Banks, Angel, Yxng Bane), who previously worked with Robyn for her Righteous music video. Together, they have crafted a hugely personal and vulnerable visual offering, which opens us up to Robyn in a truly honest and no holds barred manner, but also brings us that much closer into her world, and artistic and creative mind.

Speaking about how Ocean Deep was fathomed, Robyn Paige says, “This is one of my favourite tracks from the EP and came to me really easily, I don’t think it’s like anything Sampl and I have made before, and also having Josh on the track was great as it further hones into the meaning of the song, with the call and response on bridge. I think we all sometimes find ourselves in a place where we need help or encouragement and I think sometimes that goes unnoticed in ourselves and by people around us”.

Check out the video for Ocean Deep below:

Credit: Robyn Paige



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