MGMT Return With Spooky Synthrock Single ‘Little Dark Age’

Written by Zach Fetters

After an almost 5-year hiatus, MGMT, our beloved indie rock duo, has returned with a Halloween-inspired Synthrock single entitled Little Dark Age.

Little Dark Age is everything anyone expected for a “spooky” release, but so much more. The 80’s-esque vocals of Andrew VanWyngarden combined with the A-Ha “Scoundrel Days”-era style of synth work from Ben Goldwasser, which is the cherry on top for the entire release.

There isn’t any exact information on whether this is a single in a future album or not, but one thing’s for sure: MGMT’s back, better than ever. This isn’t the first “scary” themed track from MGMT, however, as one of their hit singles, Kids, was a zombie-themed Synthpop/rock track.

Little Dark Age has more of an obvious mood, and doesn’t try to hide it in its lyrics or production. To further burn the oh-so topical Halloween tone into your brain for this release, the video is a menagerie of “Dracula meets Frankenstein” imagery chocked full of references to both obscure and obvious Halloween and scary stories and tales. Fresh, relevant, and head scratchingly catchy, “this single is the much-needed revival of MGMT’s style that we wanted, and even more reason to remained hyped for any future MGMT updates.

MGMT is currently touring, and will be playing at the House of Creatives music festival in Miami, Florida. Catch any future tour dates at their Songkick profile and make sure to watch the video for Little Dark Age as well.



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