Overdoz. Return With Miguel On Riff-Filled ‘Backstage’

Written by Neel Chudasama

West Coast crew, Overdoz. link up with Miguel for an alternative rock influenced record Backstage.

The 4-man Overdoz. consisting of Kent Jamz, Joon, Cream and P have been in the music game for a while now, releasing their first mixtape Bowties And Rosaries in 2008, however, their first standout piece came in 2011 with the release of their mixtape Live For, Die For. Since then Overdoz.’s fame has skyrocketed, more recently, the group have worked with the likes of A$AP Ferg on F*ck Yo Dj and Pharrell on Last Kiss.

Fans have been patiently waiting for the much-anticipated album 2008 for a few years now and the wait may finally over. On Friday the 13th, the group returned with the video for the not so spooky District and a week later have teamed up with up with R&B singer Miguel for their latest single Backstage.

It is clear from the off that the new single is not the stereotypical Overdoz. sound we have come to hear over the years. The melodic guitar riffs throughout the song point towards an Alt-Rock influence on the track, even though Miguel seems unfazed by it. It’s clear that the drums and backing vocals help carry the track through the verses before Miguel hits us with his smooth vocals for the very sing-a-long chorus.

If Backstage tells us anything it is that Overdoz are not a one trick pony but are versatile enough to produce different sounds making them super accessible, especially with their new album on the way.

Whilst we wait for 2008 to eventually drop, listen to the new single below:

Credit: overdozVEVO


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