Arum Rae Describes Having Butterflies Before A First Date On ‘Should I’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Many of our readers may not be fully aware of Arum Rae’s existence as the beautiful indie/soul singer she is, however her story from performing everywhere she could to touring with Gary Clark Jr. is one for Hollywood.

The single, Should I,  received editorial attention on Spotify after it’s release, being featured on a number of playlists propelling the track to well over 1M streams. The video premiered exclusively at Huffington Post, who calls it “emotionally honest.

This music video is a reflection of the vulnerability you may experience in the anticipation of love,” explains Rae. “The excitement and the unknown. Wanting to be at your best but also your truest self and sorting through all that in your mind. In this video, I have my vinyl there to keep me company while I wait and contemplate how the night will unfold.

The single comes from the crazily well received sophomore LP from the Manhattan native; Sub Rosa dropped in mid-May this year and has steadily continued Arum’s ascendancy in both folk and blues circles as well as reaching out to a more soulful audience and sound.

The video is a cool reminder to us all that being excited is just another curve in the rollercoaster we like to call love and that we should own those butterflies we have in our stomachs before a first date.

Arum Rae’s vocals take centre stage and will probably do the same on your next chilled playlist.

Watch the video below:

Credit: Arum Rae Music


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