Naughty Boy Collaborates With Joe Jonas On ‘One Chance To Dance’

Written by Pernille Bogø Jørgensen

Naughty Boy’s collaboration with Emelie Sandé has created another song, One Chance To Dance, which will be included on his next album set for spring 2018. The song, a medium-paced dance track, is inspired by Naughty Boy’s long-lasting love for Bollywood music and features Joe Jonas as the singer.

Jonas was behind last year’s hit Cake By The Ocean, which caught Naughty Boy’s attention, he revealed to the Daily Star. They got together and finished the song, which Naughty Boy had been keeping for a year until the right opportunity arose.

Naughty Boy, who is planning to release a Motown album, also mentioned Michael Jackson as an inspiration and the song even refers to the King of Pop: ‘I ain’t no Michael Jackson but give me one chance, one chance to dance.

Despite the admiration of Michael Jackson’s musical accomplishments, Naughty Boy admits that this song is not trying to reach the same level. It is a reflection on that era in music history, which was the breakthrough for black music in America to the mainstream market.

Check out the track on Spotify here.


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