Maroon 5 Tease Upcoming Album With A$AP Rocky Assisted Single ‘Whiskey’

Written by Jason Greenfield

Maroon 5 tease Red Pill Blues further with A$AP Rocky assisted Whiskey

Over the recent months, Maroon 5 has enlisted the help of some major artists in the Urban and R’n’B scenes to spice up their singles. Having already recruited Future and Top Dog Entertainment’s SZA, for “Cold” and “What Lovers Do”, it seems the next step was to get a guest verse from A$AP Mob’s main star, Rocky. At least, that was the conclusion Maroon 5 came to when creating their most recent track, “Whiskey”. 

Whiskey is the latest song from the group’s upcoming album Red Pill Blues. It features a slow, melodic instrumental centred around the piano – it creates a very nostalgic feel as Adam Levine paints the bittersweet picture of unrequited love – where he had fallen deep for a woman, but she didn’t feel the same way and left him.

“I used to try to forget her/ But now I smile when I remember. 

The pre-chorus captures the feeling that many people have when it’s over, that they need to try to forget what they had so they could move on. But instead he decides that he would rather reminisce about the experiences which they shared and learn from them.

In classic fashion, Lord Flacko provides us with a solid addition to the song, his verse stays on topic, rides smoothly over the beat and features some witty alcohol-inspired lines (Punch drunk love, it’s a fine line/Don Perignon, she the fine wine).

Maroon 5. Solid production. A$AP Rocky. What more can you ask for? The recent songs have made the album, out on the 3rd of November, thoroughly enticing.

Watch the music video for Whiskey below:

Credit: Maroon5VEVO


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