Bugzy Malone Releases The Visuals For ‘Make Or Break’

Written by Francis Barton

In anticipation of his King of the North tour, Bugzy Malone dropped the long-awaited visuals for one of his album tracks Make or Break. The song itself has been out since 14th July 2017 as that was the King of the North album release date, and has been featured on the likes of BBC 1XTRA live lounge, featuring Shola Ama for the chorus. Speaking of the chorus, it offers a refreshing contrast to the depressing verses, offering motivational speech with “Life is only what you make of it”, which is probably what Bugzy recited to himself before his climb up the music industry.

By featuring dark and dingy parks and tunnels, it really helps encapsulate the torment Bugzy and his two brothers went through as children, and again is a huge motivator to do well in life. The highlight of the video is where Bugzy gets stopped by police to be searched. With an anxious look on his face, the police search through his bag only to pull out King of the North album copies, effectively showing what music has done for his life, because it doesn’t take a genius to think what else that could have been.

Watch the video for yourself here (Credit Bugzy Malone): 

On a side note, at one of Bugzy Malone’s recent concerts, he got a disabled fan on stage to open a moshpit. You can watch the heart-warming gesture here:


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