Dvsn Return From The Dead With ‘Morning After’

Written By Ken Chee Fong

Canadian act dvsn (pronounced division) is an OVO signed duo consisting of singer Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85 best known for their excellent debut single Hallucinations early last year. The duo has been relatively quiet since the release aside from giving the world their album Sept.5 in March of 2016. Now they have come back with a new release and just dropped their latest project Morning After. This is the duo’s second full length project and it is a heartbreak record.

The main theme behind the project is describing a period of ambiguity with the constant on/off cycle of hooking up and breaking up, an unhealthy relationship that you want but can’t get out off. Daley reflects on failed relationships describing the pros and cons of the event, while trying to find any sort of resolution both with himself and a woman.

Avid dvsn fans can agree that Daley possesses a rich voice that perfectly describes pain. Daley is the modern-day Lenny Williams thanks to Nineteen85’s beautiful production ability. Dvsn’s first single for the project is Think About Me, it can be found as the fourth track on the project. It’s another classic slow-paced R&B jam that allows Daley to showcase his singing ability, letting the world know that his past relationships still think of him.

Self-titled track Morning After is the stand out track of the album. In short, this song is a radio hit. It has an upbeat and uplifting vibe that really showcases Nineteen85’s production skills. Perhaps the album’s catchiest song, it is impossible to sit still with this track on. The song has a tropical vibe to it and with Daley’s voice it is very difficult not to like it.

Body Smile is another highlight of the record as it is a sentimental track full of emotion. The song has a very punchy kick with a super smooth ambient instrumental just floating in the background and Daley’s voice tying it all together. Daley dives deep into his mistakes in the past. Depending on if you see it as a blessing or not, there is an abundance of Drake influence in this track. It is mainly due to the song being co-produced by Noah Shebib who is renowned for being Drake’s right-hand man.

With all the positivity, I feel that this isn’t dvsn’s best work. The sheer amount of time it took to follow up Sept.5 gave high expectations for the album. In my opinion, due to the abundance of singles being debuted prior to the release of the album (4 of 13), I feel it made the album less enjoyable. Besides that, I think that the album lacks diversity as the songs on the track list all sounded very similar. However, if you are a fan of dvsn in any case, this album will not disappoint you.

Morning After is available everywhere. Listen below:




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