Trippie Redd’s ‘A Love Letter To You 2’ Leaves Us Confused

Written by Ken Chee Fong

After releasing his mixtape, A Love Letter To You, Ohio rapper Trippie Redd has come through with his follow up commercial release A Love Letter To You 2. Even though Trippie is very much in the middle of the trend of emo rap, he still has many characteristics that make him distinguishable.

His vocals are the obvious stand out feature, as he has some strong nasal singing throughout the project which are beautiful at some points. However, it can be a little annoying sometimes, especially on the song Dangerous as he layers his voice one on top of another singing his lungs out. It’s even more so the case on his song Back Back Back where I think his singing really doesn’t shine as he struggles to barely keep it together.

Aside from all the negativity, on occasion Trippe’s vocals are the highlight of the songs like In Too Deep for example. On it his nasal singing really compliments the ambient beat, as it forms some weird yet beautiful harmonies, which go well with the hard-hitting bass that cannot be ignored in this lane of hip hop.

Bust Down being the project’s lead single is arguably the most enjoyable in the collection of tracks. It features some hard hitting watered down piano chords that suit the bell-like melody in the track. Trippie’s singing truly does it justice here. The song is extremely enjoyable: It makes you want to play it out loud and wake your neighbours up.

Another stand out track in my opinion is Hellboy which surprisingly features a dark dreary sample based instrumental that one would expect to find on a Madlib project. Trippie actually reminded me of none other than Lil B with his flow on the track. It’s arguably one of Trippie’s better performances on a mic which he unfortunately doesn’t portray enough as his singing is beautifully miserable.

A Love Letter To You 2 is a very confusing project to outright deem good or bad. In the middle section of the record, Trippe has some extremely enjoyable songs but it starts to get bland and unlistenable towards the end of the project with Overweight really being one of the worst songs on the album. The ironically named song of Let Me Down is the last song of the project and it is both not hard hitting or memorable.

Overall, A Love Letter To You 2 is a hard project to rate as the track list is mixed with some of 2017’s best music alongside some unnecessary rushed out songs that really do not contribute to the album. However, you should still give the album a listen especially if you enjoyed A Love Letter To You.

You can check out the album below:




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