SISTERS Throwback To The 80s With New LP ‘Wait Don’t Wait’

Written by Ryan McIlory

Wait Don’t Wait from SISTERS is a celebration of multi-genre influence, channeling inspiration that spans from smooth jazz to 80s synth pop.

The Seattle duo are certainly musically accomplished, with their second album showcasing pleasing bursts of saxophone, groovy keys and flute, bolstered throughout by dynamic bass lines. It is an impressive sound generated by only two people. Andrew Vait and Emily Westman split the vocal responsibility with Vait’s falsetto taking the lead on most tracks. Vait also provides keys and guitar and Westman adds drums.

The strength of the material does however rely largely on the quality of instrumentation. Without the saxophone solo in Sleepy Eyes, or the flute in My Little Head, these tracks may be considered “fillers”. The vocals at times leave something to be desired as it feels like they lack the intensity required to deliver a chorus hook that would transform a good song into a hit.

The album peaks when the vocals are most prominent. The opener and highlight Scene Here is a perfect example of what SISTERS are about. It seamlessly merges classic rock guitar in the verse with retro funk-style synth in the bridge. The singing in the chorus is catchy and upbeat, supported by typical yet satisfying backing vocals that fit the song perfectly.

The second track Heart Beats is by far the catchiest offering, with a truly infectious chorus. The writing is far more simplistic than the majority of the album, with less of the erratic grooves that feature elsewhere. It’s akin to Jungle’s Busy Earnin’, a song that helped them land a top 10 album in the UK charts. It goes to show that SISTERS are capable of making music that can bring them success.

The first two tracks are an energetic start to the release, but this unfortunately peters out by the end. Y Do U Take So Long is a glowing ember in the final third of the album, another highlight that shows the bands’ wealth of creative ideas.

SISTERS are an exciting prospect and show glimmers of fantastic songwriting on Wait Don’t Wait. The album, all in all, is very enjoyable and due to the widespread influence it will appeal to a large audience. They may lack consistency, but certainly aren’t short of uniqueness and talent.

Listen to the album in full below:

Photo Credit: Stanton J. Stephens


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