Shungudzo’s Talent Shines Through On New Single ‘Long Live The Billionaire’

Written by Paasha Ahmed

Zimbabwean artist, Shungudzo, made headlines this week by releasing her debut song Long Live The Billionaire.

Pursuing the diverse hobbies of gymnastics, poetry and journalism in her youth, the singer- songwriter took anything but a traditional path into the industry. Her genius in artistry definitely mirrored itself in her academics. She was accepted to Stanford University at the tender age of 15 where she studied civil engineering and sociology, before realising her true passion in music after moving to the United States

Being the Editor-In-Chief of a political news site, her interest in humanitarianism and social issues has been immortalised within her lyrics. The song itself effervesces nostalgia with a beautiful riff playing throughout and lyrics depicting a tale from the persepctive of a child in a war zone as he talks to a soldier on the road.

Shungudzo’s songs refreshingly tell a tale deeper than first seem. Like most songs in popular culture, her lyrics appear to be about relationships, love and loss. But behind the exterior, they link very closely with issues she holds close to her heart: colonisation, globalisation, social and economic inequality.

If you liked her debut single make sure to check her recent feature on Patrik Berger’s and Markus Krunegard’s new project, BC Unidos, on a track called Bicycle.

Listen to Long Live The Billionaire below:




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