Merky Ace Is Bringing Drill-Rap To The Forefront Of UK Rap Scene

Written by Edward Burrell

Personality cult is a must have album for this year for anyone who considers themselves a fan of UK Drill rap. If you like either 67, Harlem Spartans, K Trap or artists in that category, this is a mixtape that needs to be in your life.

Merky Ace himself has origins that are closer to grime, however the artist had drill-rap flows before it even had a name. He’s such a versatile MC, even back when Blue Battlefield was released he was spitting on dubstep with drill-rap flows, even on the 140bpm tracks. But it’s not a traditional drill rap flow, it’s skippy like a grime flow usually is, and he can switch up tempos very easily.

I feel like the title of ‘Personality Cult’ itself is a statement. So what does that mean for Merky Ace? The obvious statement to be made is that he is a god amongst drill rappers. His word play is just miles better than other drill rappers and is much more versatile in terms of flows.

Black and Decker is clever, using the title as a metaphor for the genre that is drill-rap, as well relating to some punchlines. Tre Mission is a good addition to the track, being just as versatile as Merky Ace in terms of bouncing between Drill and Grime. The hook from Merky Ace is brilliant, and Tre Mission’s flow is mental. The rest of the scene simply isn’t spitting on drill-rap like this.

Blue and Ragu bring in other Tizzy gang members such as Southside JB and Kokane, and if anything, this sheds a light on how versatile the whole collective is a whole. As well as everyone on this mixtape being members of Tizzy gang,;Vic Santoro, MIK, Cadell and Nasty Jack contribute as grime MCs, meaning they cover a lot of bases.

The Idi Amin references strengthens the concept of the whole mixtape. He’s the perfect example of a cult of personality. Southside JB and Kokane have more orthodox drill-rap flows, but they are certainly good at what they do. Despite being a fan of Tizzy gang myself, I would be scared to meet either of them.

Hardcore Logo is one those “stamp out someone’s face” sort of tunes. There is so much dark energy it’s almost screams demonic possession. If Splurt Diablo started rapping as well as producing, I assume this is what he would sound like. But one thing to note, it’s good to hear the classic FT/MIK adlib being used again on his tracks because frankly it has been missed.

Scramstep lets Splurt Diablo come out to play, giving us a fusion of genres that we might have never before. I can’t remember an instrumental that successfully puts Dubstep and Drill together.

If Merky Ace is simply being himself, adapting different styles and flows into his arsenal, then fair enough. But if this is him officially becoming primarily a UK Drill rapper, it’s safe to say Ace is currently the best in the UK Drill scene by far, especially as a solo rapper.

Check out the video to Sold, from Personality Cult here.

Credit: SBTV: Music


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