Young Spray Links Up With President T On ‘Miss Me With That’

Written by Edward Burrell

President T and Young Spray have both been known to be elusive in terms of when their next release will be. Stranger Returns took around about a decade to come out, although Prez T has been very active since its release. This new single, Miss Me With That, is taken from Young Spray’s upcoming album Invisible Tears which is due to drop of the 13th of October. Young Spray is one of those UK rappers that drift between rap and grime, but his work sides more with traditional rap flows.

Young Spray is well known in the grime scene as a veteran, with a recognisable voice and unique flow similar to Giggs. He’s always set himself out as different due to being known as “MR RTM” (Realer Than Most).

President T has been in grime for a long time. His flow is legendary, killing on Miss Me With That with the 32 he was given. There really isn’t much more to say apart from the fact that President T’s verses have been as good as gold over the last 2 years.

Splurge Boys work some magic on production, reminding us of the classic Scuse Me drop that everyone wanted from them. It’s what made them blow up as producers, and it’s still good to see they’ve held on to that sound.

Check out Miss Me With That here.

Credit: SBTV: Music



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