The Legendary Ska Riddim Gets A Remake With An All-Star Lineup

Written by Edward Burrell

One trend that has remained constant in grime over the years is 16 bar riddims, and in 2005, SKA riddim was the big daddy of 16 bar riddims. Now over a decade later, the south London old-skool duo Nikki S and Nyke have released SKA Riddim 2.

Having a mixture of veterans, as well as MCs from the most recent generation, gives some diversity to the track. One thing to note is that none of these MCs are generic, they all have a signature flow that they can claim is exclusively their own. From Flirta D to Young Yizzy, everyone brings something to the table.

Alias also deserves some recognition as the producer for this track. He has worked with Nikki S and Nyke before on Southside Anthem, another 8 bar riddim, so he definitely has veteran status. With the addition of the violinist, they’ve really managed to make something special. This will be track that will tear up any grime rave for the Channel U generation as well as the generation of today.

Check out the track here.

Credit: SBTV: Music


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