St. Vincent Sings Of Prescription Drug Addiction On New Single ‘Pills’

Written by Zach Hughes

St. Vincent has recently appeared on the scene again with a new chique bob hairdo, and severe trim after the grey mad scientist shocks of 2014.

What may have changed in image hasn’t changed in substance however. Pills is a charming, intoxicating, and relevant commentary on the U.S.A’s addiction to prescription drugs. It’s a Xanax-induced coma over there.

And it’s mad. “Pills to grow, pills to shrink” alludes to an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ level of madness. The superstate of the world completely under the influence and self-medicating; not too far removed from the meth addled Germany of the 1920’s.

The track skips along in an almost nursery rhyme manner, making extra effort to imprint the melody and lyrics “pills pills pills everyday of the week” onto the listener’s conscience. A pretty dark mantra by all accounts.

The usual jazz influences are there in the background during the last 30 seconds but by all accounts this is typical St. Vincent. The structure suits a woman who quit music school due to the musical rules.

New hair and leopard print bodysuit in check, St. Vincent is back and stronger than ever.

Pills is part of St. Vincent’s new album Mass SeductionCheck out the track here.

Credit: St. Vincent


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