Hayes & Y Drop Broody Indie-Pop With ‘Always So Simple, Always So Cold’

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

Hayes & Y have an interesting background. They’re a Manchester-based band, but their members hail from the likes of Bulgaria and Finland. It’s this bohemian/European vibe that allows them to stand out amongst their British Indie fellows, especially as they drop their latest single Always So Simple, Always So Cold.

Hayes & Y sit in that interesting area of music where pop, indie, and funk touch. Always So Simple, Always So Cold is pretty evident of this mashup, which is comparable to the work of bands like Tame Impala. Smooth basslines and steady beats underscore 80’s-esque synth instrumentation that gives the track a broody equilibrium of darker tones and lighter guitar licks. It’s a well constructed track, with a production quality to rival larger names.

Hayes & Y have been able to become part of this country’s indie scene fairly easily, having played at some of Britain’s most well-known and enjoyed venues such as London’s Dublin Castle, and Manchester’s Night & Day Cafe. They have also supported Kasabian while playing the Spirit of Burgas festival in Bulgaria.

You can check out Always So Simple, Always So Cold here.

Credit: Hayes & Y (Official)


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